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Microsoft Virtual Mechine?

in which version i will get these option while installing Microsoft VM i not IE6, ''display java applets blocked dialog''

i cannot open these blocked java applets, how do i enable these futures

Microsoft Virtual Mechine?norton internet security 2008

download the Microsoft Virtual Machine 5.00.3810 from the below website ..

I think it will resolve your problem

Microsoft excel help please?

How do you round off a number in Microsoft excel?

Microsoft excel help please?norton internet security

You need to use the Round function. The round function has 2 parameters. Parameter 1 is the number you would like to round. Parameter 2 is the decimal place you would like to round it to.

Round(yournumber, deceimal place to round it to)

for example:

Round (1.5, 0) = 2

Round (1.555, 2) = 1.56

Round(1.5555, 3) = 1.556

Microsoft excel help please?spyware remove

Go to Format, number, and change the number of decmal places and it will do it automaticly.

Great Question and Good luck
Use the Round() function. Inside the brackets you need two values, the number to be rounded and the number of decimal places to round off to. Use 0 for to round to nearest whole integer.
Use =ROUND(A2,0)
There are several formulas to do that which produce different results.

=ROUND(cell,0) will round the number to the nearest number.

=ROUNDDOWN(cell,0) will always round down

=ROUNDUP(cell,0) will always round up

So if you have 20.3 in A1 and do =ROUND(A1,0), that will return 20. If you do =ROUNDDOWN(A1,0), that will return 20. And if you do =ROUNDUP(A1,0), that will return 21.

Furthermore, if you have 20.34 in A1 and do =ROUND(A1,1), that will return 20.4. The same syntax applies to the other examples.
Formula Description (Result)

=ROUNDUP(A2,0) Rounds 20.3 up to the nearest whole ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ number (21)

I got a mail from Microsoft Promotion Award Team.Here is the details.?


Delivery Department)

P.O. Box 1010, L70 1NL


United Kingdom

ATTENTION: Azam Shaikh

This is to inform you that you have been officially cleared for payment by the Verifications Department at the headquarters of the MICROSOFT PROMOTION INTERNATIONAL SWEEPSTAKES. The original copy of your winning certificate, together with a covering document (Money Laundering protection and Letter of Affidavit for Claims) from the British Government stating that the money was obtained legally through the End of Year Anniversary Promo will be sent to you as soon as you meet with any of the options selected. You can now begin the final step of the claims process, which is the couriering of your cash prize to you. With regards to this, there are options open to you, you are required to select the most convenient of it.

The options, together with their associated conditions are presented below:

Courier of your winning parcel to you via any of this channel listed below:

(Same day delivery)

Mailing $140.00 00.00

Insurance $50.00 00.00

Vat (5%) $10.00 00.00

TOTAL $200.00 00.00

( 2working days)

Mailing $140.00 00.00

Insurance $30.00 00.00

Vat (5%) $10.00 00.00

TOTAL $180.00 00.00

(3 Working days)

Mailing $110.00 00.00

Insurance $30.00 00.00

Vat (5%) $10.00 00.00

TOTAL $150.00 00.00

Microsoft Word: Adjusting Page Margins?


I have somehow deleted the ruler-like indicators at top and side of my Microsoft Word program. They are the ones that help you change the page margins.

I have looked for how to re-enable them, however, I have had no luck.

Can someone tell me how I can make them come back on?


Capt. May

Microsoft Word: Adjusting Page Margins?noton

On the menu in Word, ''View, Ruler.'' Click to toggle ruler back on.

Microsoft Word: Adjusting Page Margins?stinger

god thats happened to me, i tend to just keep clicking on everything till it all reappears!!! come to think about it thats probably why it all disappeared in the first place oops
While your in an Open Word Document.......


You should be able to click on the correct boxes.

This happened to me not too long ago and I went around and around and around trying to figure how it dissapeared in the first place.
On the ''View'' menu select ''Print Layout''. That will give you the rulers on the top and sides.

For the regular ruler go to the View Menu and select ''Ruler'' for the ruler across the top.
Select th View menu and then ''Print Layout''.

That should do it for ya. framework 2.0?

if MML CAN SEE THIS I tried that download from microsoft, after it downloaded it asked me for a disk which I dont have, help me out here buddy. thx framework 2.0?panda

I never had that problem updating mine so I can't really advise you. I got 2.0 via Windows Updates myself. However, there is an installation troubleshooting page for it.

It involves registry edits so be careful and back up your registry beforehand. You can do it manually.

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  • Microsoft suite or office?

    i was thinking of getting microsoft office program which has outlook, word 2002, and four other programs. does the word program come with full functionality, or is it limited to a few word capabilities. it would be the latest version for 2006, but word would come as 2002 not the full scale 2003 version. cost is $99 for the program, while word 2003 costs much higher. also, if it says i user does that mean it can only be loaded on one pc, or can it be unstalled from one pc and reloaded onto another pc, if the user is the same? if not, will a second licence be needed to do so?

    Microsoft suite or office?pc security

    Office is a much more expansive program, it depends on the level to which you need theses programs, full versions offer downloadable options and versatility.

    Works Suite is fine for you if the programs are just what your looking for, it is much cheaper, but if your a teacher or student, there is a version of Office, less expensive for this purpose.

    And as I was in Tech Support for Microsoft a few years back, they have started to limited the number of units a piece of software can be loaded on as long as the use is for personal use, you can get it on up to 3 computers before it will not let you get past the registration screen.

    Make sure you fill in the same info, write down the numbers on the CD/DVD so you can go through the setup without having to stop and look at the numbers each time.

    You can e-mail, TechWeb or call them but it is expensive both for the call and they charge for each occurance

    Microsoft suite or office?symantic

    Get's doing all what you need, the same way as Office and it's free !

    Don't waste your money....install it everywhere and with the extra money get more memory to have Windows run faster...

    Good luck

    MIcrosoft office live account help?!?!?!?!?!?

    Hi, a few months ago I created a microsoft office live account for a free trial of it to make a website, It said it was free so I entered my mom's details (with her permission) in and created my website. It said nothing about payment it just said that it needed the details for verification. The trial ended and I recieved a letter today, asking for 拢26-拢29 for the account. I went to the help website because I thought why do I need to pay?

    Does anyone know how to cancel the account (when I click the link it goes dead and won't work) and possibly get a refund?

    Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. If possible provide links to help pages or other pages that will help me.

    Thanks in advance -singstar1881- xxx

    MIcrosoft office live account help?!?!?!?!?!?pop up blocker

    Well for a refund I would go here and email them. Or I would go here and sign in and see if you can remove the credit card or cancel the account. I don't have a live account with them but I would expect it to be setup so you can do that.